Ways to Increase What You Get Out of Motorcycle Insurance

How can I get more out of my motorcycle insurance?

When deciding which type of motorcycle insurance to choose, it is important to know where to find the best coverage, what contributes to the cost, the kind of optional coverage available, and the type of coverage that is required. In the US, motorcycle insurance is mandatory because of the high risk associated with operating a motorcycle. Some factors that will determine the cost and kind of coverage you will obtain from Tim Huber Insurance in St. Augustine, FL include the motorcycle’s engine size, where it is registered, and various other factors.

Take a motorcycle safety course

After you have completed your motorcycle safety course, you can acquire a substantial discount on your policy. Before you sign up with your safety course instructor, it is paramount to make sure that it is an approved insurance course. Also, you may be able to get a discount for renewing your skills even if you have been riding for some time.

Consider a Part-time Insurance

Some motorcycle owners ride their bikes on a daily basis, but if you are an exception, you can save a lot by ensuring it with a seasonal policy. If you are not riding the bike, there is no need to insure it.

Increase the Deductible

If you believe that you are less of a risk because you are a great rider, then you can increase the deductible. This will cut the cost of the policy. However, you should make sure that you can cover the cost of the deductible in case of an accident.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is ideal for you if you are purchasing a luxury bike because it will protect you against fire, theft, and other forms of misfortunes that were not facilitated by accidents.

Maintain a good driving record

Conclusively, before an insurance company determines the cost of your insurance policy, they will review your history behind the wheel. If you have a bad driving record, this could reflect in your insurance coverage costs.

For more information about obtaining the right motorcycle insurance policy, contact Tim Huber Insurance in St. Augustine, FL. Our agents can answer your questions and help get you started.


When Can You Claim Your Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance has been specially designed to protect the holder from significant claims that may exceed the limits of a regular policy.

How does it work?

Umbrella insurance from Tim Huber Insurance in St. Augustine, FL can help protect your assets in two significant ways: it provides coverage for claims that are excluded from other liability policies and provides additional coverage above the limits of a general policy.

What Does it Cover?

Umbrella insurance covers all of your assets that may be at risk. Such assets include personal property, retirement accounts, real estate, liquid assets, and investments. The umbrella insurance covers your valuables that may exceed the limits. This means if you have valuable jewelry or are involved in an accident with a high dollar vehicle, the cover can go beyond the typical insurance to pay the difference.

Claiming Your Umbrella Insurance

Consider the following hypothetical scenarios that demonstrate when you can claim your umbrella insurance.

  • You cause a 5-car accident and your auto insurance policy isn’t sufficient to pay for all the five accident victims’ replacement cars nor is your personal liability insurance high enough to cater for their medical bills.
  • Assume a group of five customers becomes injured on your business property. You cater for their trip to the hospital, and on arrival, it turns out that they will need to undergo expensive surgeries. They sue your business for compensation, and you aren’t worried since you have a general liability insurance policy. However, it turns out that the compensation rises to the tune of $1 million which your general liability policy can’t cover. At this point, the only option you have is to file a claim with your umbrella insurance provider.

There is a lot to understand when it comes to umbrella insurance. Tim Huber Insurance in St. Augustine, FL  is here to help educate you on the topics and help you understand how it works. For a quote on umbrella insurance, please reach out to our office.

Is Flood Insurance Worth the Investment

When it comes to protecting your home in Florida, one of the most important things you can do is to get insurance coverage on it. A homeowner’s insurance policy from Tim Huber Insurance Services in St. Augustine, FL will help provide coverage for many events, such as fire and burglary, but in many cases, it will not pay out for claims that are associated with flooding. This is why you should carefully assess whether or not flood insurance is worth the investment. Let’s take a closer look at flood insurance and whether or not you should buy a policy. 

What is flood insurance?

When you buy a homeowner’s policy, it will likely cover a minimal amount of damage that is caused by rainwater (not all policies provide this amount of coverage). What it will not cover, however, is water damage caused by the house being filled with water due to rising bodies of water, like streams, oceans, rivers, and lakes. To obtain coverage for this type of damage, you will need to invest in a flood insurance policy. 

Is flood insurance worth the investment?

If there is little likelihood that your home could be flooded by a rising body of water, then flood insurance may not be worth the investment for you. If, however, you live close to a body of water (whether or not it is prone to rising and causing flooding), then this means there is a chance of flooding and that flood insurance will be a wise investment for you to make. 

To learn more about flood insurance and whether or not it is a good investment for you to make, contact Tim Huber Insurance serving the St. Augustine, FL area.

Need a Tow? Even Your Boat can Run Out of Gas

Do you own a boat and have it moored in the Jacksonville or St. Augustine, FL area? If so, then you probably have boat insurance from a reputable company such as Tim Huber Insurance. But would your policy help you out when things go wrong out at sea? Many policies will provide compensation if your vessel is stolen or lost due to weather, but what if you have a fender bender in the harbor or experienced motor failure while fishing?

Stock Three Simple Things to Prevent the SOS Call

  • Extra fuel can: Maybe you stayed out a little longer than expected. Keeping an extra can of gas or diesel on board can get you to safe harbor on your own
  • New spark plugs: Sea air and salt water create a corrosive environment. When your inboard doesn’t turn over, you may simply need a new spark plug. 
  • Replacement inline filter: Unleaded gasoline is known for gumming up your motors. Sometimes all you need is to change out the filter to get underway.

All of these solutions require just five to ten minutes to gas up or switch out the part and cost only a few dollars. How many hours would you wait for a service vessel to reach you?

Towing and Repair Coverage for Your Boat

If you do break down on the water, you can get towed back into port. However, that can be ridiculously expensive. Dollar signs appear when you bring in your boat for a simple fiberglass repair. Talk to your agent at Tim Huber Insurance about adding towing and repair coverage to your boat insurance policy. Your wallet will thank you. Leaving extra cash in your wallet while cruising the blue waters surrounding St. Augustine, FL.




Condo Insurance with an HOA? How the two will work together.

Living in a condo with an HOA has many benefits. Often there are added amenities for the community, and some HOA’s will offer maintenance free-living. Did you know there can also be the added bonus of having shared insurance from the HOA? In many HOA communities, there are blanket insurance policies that overlap with individual condo insurance. Around Florida, there are many condos and knowing you are covered is essential. The experts at Tim Huber Insurance in St. Augustine, FL are here to help explain basic insurance coverage with condo insurance and an HOA.

Typically, an HOA will have their own blanket liability coverage for the community. This usually covers everything in your condo from the "studs-out," meaning the roof, siding, and exterior parts of the condo would be covered by the HOA master insurance policy in the event of damage from hail or the wind. Personal property or anything from the "studs-in" would fall on the individual condo insurance. For liability claims that may occur in any common areas, such as the clubhouse or pool, condo insurance usually has some element of liability. 

It is always important to check first with your HOA master insurance policy to find out just how much liability coverage you need on your personal condo insurance. It is also important to know that in some HOA communities there is a minimum amount required for personal condo insurance and they may even request a copy of your declaration page.

Making sure your condo is covered for the unknown is important to protect yourself and your loved ones. Tim Huber Insurance, proudly serving the residents of St. Augustine, FL and the surrounding areas, can help unravel any questions on the coverage you may have. Reading through the limitations of your current HOA master insurance coverage and deciding how much coverage is necessary for your condo insurance is a tricky undertaking. Visit the experts today to get started on your new condo insurance policy.

Protecting Your Family With Adequate Life Insurance

Purchasing life insurance is one of the best ways to protect your family against debt and other financial issues that appear as the result of death. It is important to know how much protection is enough to give your family the security they need.

Calculating The Right Amount Of Coverage

When figuring how much coverage you need, there are several factors to consider. One of the most important is a loss of income. How much money will your spouse and children need to survive if there is a loss of income? Figure your income for one year and multiply it by 10. You will also need to calculate your total cost of a burial or funeral service plus any outstanding debt. You should round up to the next ten thousand figure and use that as a guide for calculating your life insurance needs.

Finding The Right Company

When looking for reliable life insurance coverage in St. Augustine, FL, you should do business with an established company with a track record of excellent customer service. If you are a resident of St. Augustine, FL, Tim Huber Insurance has the life insurance protection you need. Let our knowledgeable and friendly staff walk you through the process of obtaining life insurance coverage that fits your needs. They can help your family through the claims process as well in the event of death. Call or stop by today for more information and answers to questions you may have about insurance products.

Life insurance protects your loved ones in the event of an unexpected death. It can give them the financial security they need to make ends meet and cover final expenses. Know how much coverage you require and start giving them the security they require for the future. Check out insurance policies in St. Augustine, FL with a reliable agent from Tim Huber Insurance.

Types of Commercial Insurance for Your Business

In St. Augustine, FL, the independent insurance agents at Tim Huber Insurance would like you to know how you can protect your business with commercial insurance. If your company’s building becomes damaged, property or materials are destroyed, or your employees are hurt on the job, having insurance can help relieve some of the financial responsibilities.

Commercial Property Insurance

With commercial property insurance, your business can be protected if the building and property become damaged. Some types of incidences may include fires, vandalism, theft, storms, water, natural disasters, and civil disobedience. For example, if you own a computer business, your items could be covered with property insurance after a fire or hurricane.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

You can’t predict if a customer will be injured in your store or if a patient will sue you for negligence. Commercial liability gives you the added protection if a lawsuit is filed against your company. If your store has a spill that was not monitored and a customer falls, you could be responsible for their medical bills, lost wages, and other costs as a result of the incident.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Although there are a few exceptions, employers in Florida are required to have workers compensation insurance. Workers compensation covers an employee if they are injured at work. If a data entry worker develops carpal tunnel due to the amount of repetitive motion involved in the business’ day-to-day operations, workers compensation could cover the cost of lost wages, rehabilitation therapy, and surgery if needed.

When you open a business, you want it to run smoothly. Having commercial insurance can keep your company operating even through a disaster. Just stop by our offices in St. Augustine, FL. The insurance agents at Tim Huber Insurance can get you started.

3 Reasons to Purchase Home Insurance in Florida

An area well-known for beautiful people and weather, the state of Florida is an excellent place to live and own a home. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as a foolproof existence, and no matter how gorgeous the Florida weather may get, sometimes it is downright monstrous. With that said, please review the following three reasons to purchase home insurance in Florida.

It’s Mandatory

Firstly, although we certainly have a choice regarding the amount of coverage we receive, home insurance is essentially mandatory for every homeowner. Assuming you are paying a mortgage each month, your mortgage company is likely to require you maintain a quality policy to maintain the loan. Purchase your home insurance on your own before you incur costly penalties.

Natural Disaster Protection 

In addition to that, the state of Florida is certainly no stranger to massive natural disasters. Dealing with everything from extreme thunderstorms to hurricanes, those who live in Florida would be wise to get the best quality home insurance policy as possible.

Protection Against Burglary and Theft 

Lastly, burglaries and other thefts can cost you thousands. However, by purchasing a high-quality home insurance policy, you will ensure that both your belongings and any damaged areas of your home are replaced following a burglary. Although St. Augustine, FL is relatively safe, it would be foolish to believe that burglaries and thefts are impossible. Purchase a home insurance policy to ensure your belongings are protected!

Overall, Tim Huber Insurance is here to serve you. A premier company located in St. Augustine, FL, our qualified representatives go above and beyond to uncover and cater to your insurance needs. Never get caught without proper coverage! Call Tim Huber Insurance today and find out how you can start your policy today and save!

Looking for Your St. Augustine Insurance Partner?

Whether you are new to the St. Augustine FL area, or you are simply interested in changing your insurance coverage, you should talk with the Tim Huber Insurance and Financial Services Agency. 

In business for 13 years, this is a family business created by husband and wife team Tim and Tammy Huber. The team took a leap of faith while their sons were both still in diapers, and they’ve never looked back. Instead, they built a local agency with the support of their community. 

Both Tim and Tammy Huber had prior experience in the industry; Tim was a successful Sales Professional and Tammy worked her way up from operations into Underwriting. Obviously, there is a wealth of industry knowledge within this friendly agency at 28 Clark Street.

Today, the Tim Huber Agency represents over 50 different insurance companies with wide-ranging criteria and policy programs. What that means for consumers is great coverage and great pricing! It allows Tim to shop around and find the perfect coverage for your needs and your budget. He is not limited to only one company and can cover a much larger range of situations with the multiple companies that he works with on a daily basis. 

In Florida, like almost all of the 50 states, automobile insurance coverage is mandatory. The required minimum coverage limits are $10,000 for personal injury protection and $10,000 for property damage coverage. While these coverage amounts are the only mandatory ones, you would be wise to discuss other coverage types with Tim, as well as higher limits, to better protect yourself in the event of an accident or other incident.

Every driver’s circumstances are different, so the best way to find out what options are available to you is to contact the Tim Huber Insurance Agency and speak with the professionals about your needs.