Does a conversion van require motorhome insurance?

You might think of your conversion van as a van, but insurance companies and underwriters think of it as an RV. Before you can purchase insurance for it, you will need to convert the auto title at the St. Augustine, FL Department of Motor Vehicles to change its vehicle category from personal or commercial vehicle to a motor home or RV. That’s because once converted from a regular van to a conversion van, it no longer qualifies for standard auto insurance.

RV Insurance/Motorhome Insurance

Motorhome policies, also called RV policies, cover motorhomes, trailers, and conversion vans. A conversion van falls into the Type B category of recreational vehicles. That means you’ll need at least the state minimum insurance for motor vehicles to cover it. We recommend full coverage for RVs, though, due to their expense and the cornucopia of personal items, individuals traveling in them typically haul in them.

Policy Considerations for a Conversion Van

If you park your van at your home in St. Augustine, FL, and only use it for vacations. You can probably stick with the standard full coverage. If you want to travel full-time and reside in your conversion van, you’ll need a full-timer’s policy from Tim Huber Insurance. It provides an enhanced level of liability coverage since it’s more likely that you’ll have guests over and entertain in your RV.

Contact Tim Huber Insurance for an RV Policy

Contact Tim Huber for RV insurance for your conversion van and protect your financial investment in your motorhome. Let us help you protect your financial security so you’re covered if found at fault for an accident.