Dos and Dont’s when Filing a Home Insurance Claim

Dos and Don’ts when Filing a Home Insurance Claim

One of the policies on your expense sheet that you pay but hope you never have to use is a home insurance policy. That’s why many St. Augustine, FL homeowners do not know how to file a home insurance claim. Unfortunately, terrible things happen, and you may need to call your insurance company to file a claim. If you have recently bought home insurance or had damages to your property, here are a few dos and don’ts’ we thought you should know.

Do: Contact Your Insurance Company

Your first step towards filing a successful insurance claim is contacting your insurance provider. If there was criminal activity involved, call the police first and get a police report. Your insurance company will request it when compensating you for damages.

Don’t: Touch Anything If a Crime Was Committed

If there was a criminal activity like murder, consider your home a crime scene and don’t touch anything until the police allow you. Remember, you will also be questioned regarding the crime, so leave everything as it is until the investigations are done.

Do: Document Everything

Tim Huber Insurance recommends taking as many videos as possible. There is nothing like over documenting when it comes to your home insurance claim. Your smartphone can be a reliable tool for taking pictures and videos to be used during the compensation. It’s even better if you can capture the origin of the loss and the resulting damage.

Don’t: Throw Away Receipts

Receipts will always be helpful in any insurance claim. You will need them to prove that you owned specific items that were stolen, and you will also need receipts as evidence of your incurred costs when your home becomes unlivable.

Don’t forget to study your St. Augustine, FL home insurance policy before filing your claim to avoid attracting extra premium charges.  For more information about filing home insurance claims, contact Tim Huber Insurance today!