I Caused a Car Accident, Now what?

Car accidents are unexpected events that are costly. To meet financial responsibility, all drivers must carry personal protection insurance in case of a vehicle accident. Luckily in St. Augustine, FL, most car accidents fall under the no-fault rule. It means that no matter who caused the accident, each party claims damages from their insurance. However, there are exceptions. Suppose the accident is particularly serious and the other party sustains a serious injury with permanent disablement or even loss of life. In that case, the injured party can claim damages from the person who caused the accident. 

How is blame for the accident appropriated?

Nobody goes out of their way to cause accidents, but things happen. Perhaps you lost focus behind the wheel or drove after drinking alcohol when the accident happened. Some accidents are always considered your fault entirely, especially if you drive into the rear of the vehicle in front of you or make a left turn and collide with a car driving straight in the other direction. In those cases, the driver that caused the accident is responsible for compensating the other parties’ medical bills, lost wages, and other losses suffered. 

Protection against the cost of liability.

To protect yourself financially against unforeseen accident claims, you need Bodily Injury Liability cover. It will protect you if someone else is injured or dies in an accident you caused. The insurance covers not only the costs of the actual loss incurred but also provides cover for your defense in case the other party sues you. Buying Bodily Injury Liability cover will help you fulfill your financial obligations in case of an unfortunate vehicle accident. To discuss your needs, contact Tim Huber Insurance agent, to help you choose the cover that matches your circumstances.