Reasons why you need umbrella insurance

Sometimes we have found ourselves in an incident where the insurance policy covers we hold are not accountable to all the costs of damages caused. In the USA, the insurance companies have a liability policy to cover you against these extra costs. This is meant to give you a peace of mind when you are harassed by a coincidence of depression and financial crisis.

With Tim Huber insurance- an insurance company with an agency serving city, St. Augustine FL you can access an umbrella insurance policy. However, it has been discovered that a good percentage of the population think that the policy is meant for the rich – false. Umbrella insurance policy will cover you against the following incidences. They include:

•    Protection against an injury caused to a person while in the custody of your property- If a visitor is bitten by your dog or a person breaks a leg while in your compound, they may sue you in the court of law. However, having accessed an agency serving the city, St. Augustine, FL; Tim Huber insurance and procured an umbrella insurance policy, you will be at peace. The policy will take of both the medical payment and legal charges cost – if the cost exceeds what your homeowner’s policy covers.
•    Protection against a damage caused to person’s property- sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we are the cause of damage to another parties’ property. Umbrella insurance by an agency serving the city, St. Augustine, FL; Tim Huber insurance will cover you against the cost of the loss caused to another person.
•    Coverage from lawsuits that are not under your home policy- Umbrella insurance policy by an agency serving, St. Augustine- Tim Huber insurance will pay for you the remaining legal costs.