Three Ways Umbrella Insurance Protects You and Your Family

Like most people in St. Augustine, FL, you’ve worked hard to build a wonderful life to be proud of. Good insurance is the key to protecting that life and all the things and people that matter most to you, but many people don’t find out they’re underinsured until it’s too late.

Umbrella insurance can help keep you covered where other policies fall short. Here are some perks and benefits to discuss with your Tim Huber Insurance representative when you set up your policy.

1. Umbrella insurance can ensure liability coverage

Naturally, your auto, home, and other policy types come attached to liability coverage. However, there’s always the chance you could be involved in a situation that exceeds the limits of those policies. Umbrella insurance kicks in at that point, ensuring you’re still covered.

2. Umbrella insurance protects your entire household

Just like a real umbrella would keep everyone underneath it dry in the event of a rainstorm, a nice, broad umbrella insurance policy protects everyone in your household from the fallout of life’s unexpected events. That means greater protection not only for you but for your spouse and everyone else in your home, no matter where in the world you go.

3. Umbrella insurance lets you finally stop worrying

Worry and stress are terrible for your mental and emotional health, so it’s essential to do everything you can to protect your peace of mind – something that’s hard to do when the metaphorical rain starts falling. With umbrella insurance in your corner, you don’t have to settle for hoping you’re covered in the event of an emergency. You can know you are instead.

Ready to make a priceless investment in your entire St. Augustine, FL family’s security and overall quality of life? Contact a Tim Huber Insurance agent today to discuss your options.