Do Tourist Attractions Need Umbrella Insurance?

Anyone who owns a business knows to have liability insurance is crucial, however, there can be instances where liability insurance alone isn’t enough to cover a scenario where there are injuries or accidents causing substantial damages to occur. In these cases, having umbrella insurance can offer great protection. 

Owning a Tourist Attraction has Risks

Anywhere there is a tourist attraction, there are people coming to visit. This creates a potentially hazardous situation for the owners of the site, which is why purchasing a comprehensive liability and umbrella policy will create a blanket of protection to help with any potential legal expenses. If there are a large number of visitors to any site or business, umbrella insurance is a must. If this type of coverage isn’t in place, consult with a professional insurance agent to begin finding policy options to fit current and future needs. 

Get Help Finding Insurance

Although it is possible to get coverage without assistance, it isn’t recommended because there are many things to understand about a policy that the average person won’t understand. That can lead to situations where the policyholder can run into trouble. To avoid these types of situations, work with an agent who can explain the fine print and basic terms and conditions so there is a clear picture of the coverage that will be in place. Those who live in the St. Augustine, FL area, can count on the agents at Tim Huber Insurance to guide them through this process. 

Get the coverage necessary to have peace of mind if you own a tourist attraction. Call or stop by the office of Tim Huber Insurance, serving the residents of St. Augustine, FL, today to get more information about coverage options.