Why businesses need commercial insurance

Insulate Your Business with Commercial Insurance

Running a successful business requires foresight to weather both foreseeable and unpredictable challenges. Commercial insurance emerges as a crucial fortress to safeguard businesses from such obstacles. Here’s a closer look at why businesses in St. Augustine, FL, need commercial insurance, curated by Tim Huber Insurance.

Secure Against Legal Woes

Every business involves inherent risks with employees, customers, and products in play. Commercial insurance shields against losses from wounded customers, defective products, or employee-related issues. Should these problems translate into a lawsuit, your commercial insurance policy steps in to minimize potential costs.

Insurance with Compliance

Based on the specific nature of the business, the law may demand certain insurance liabilities. Commercial insurance helps you comply with these legal mandates specific to your industry. Experts at Tim Huber Insurance can guide you on whether your business needs enhanced protection to adhere to these regulations.

Future-proof your Business

Unforeseen damages can significantly curtail a business’s growth. Commercial insurance, however, ensures that such losses do not hinder your expansion plans. By favoring regular insurance costs over random, significant losses, you keep your company’s future secure.

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If My Classic Car is in an Accident, Can I Repair it Myself?

Many owners of classic cars enjoy driving, showing, and discussing their vehicles with others, knowing they restored and maintained the car. Bragging rights come from the craftsmanship and care that brought the vehicle back to its glory days, and this is why some classic car insurance policies allow owners to repair their vehicles following accidents. If you need a classic car or other insurance and live in or near St. Augustine, FL, contact the Tim Huber Insurance team for assistance.

Approved Repair Practices for Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are different animals than everyday drivers, and the same is often true of their owners, so classic car owners whose vehicles are involved in an accident have different needs than owners of everyday vehicles.

Insurance companies often have preferred repair providers for everyday vehicles but have more liberal policies for classic cars. Usually, the owner can take their classic car to a specialist shop that charges several times more than a mainstream shop for a similar repair. Classic car policies are also more forgiving with the cost of replacement parts due to the need for authenticity.

In addition, some, but not all, classic car insurance providers allow the owner to repair the car and may help locate the parts needed for the repairs. If repairing your vehicle yourself is critical, raise the issue with your agent when you first discuss acquiring classic car insurance so they can search for the right provider.

Working with Tim Huber Insurance

The team at Tim Huber Insurance wants to provide the classic car insurance that best fits your needs. If you live in the St. Augustine, FL, area, call or stop by today and allow us to care for all your insurance needs.

Expanding Coverage: The Role of Umbrella Insurance in St. Augustine

For those in St. Augustine, FL, figuring out if umbrella insurance is a wise decision can be daunting. Still, Tim Huber Insurance wants to use our knowledge to help Floridians better understand the role of umbrella insurance and how they can choose a policy that works well for them. Umbrella insurance is not the most well-known type, so many people are surprised by its usefulness.

Weather the Storm with Umbrella Insurance

In life, unexpected incidents can cause lots of chaos, stress, and financial burden. It can feel like you’re forced to stand in a storm that leaves you soaking wet and unsteady on your feet. It’s in those types of situations that umbrella insurance can come in handy. Umbrella insurance is a lot like an extension of your other insurance because when you reach limits on different policies, like home or car insurance, your umbrella insurance can then pay for costs you owe beyond what your other policies will cover.

Different umbrella insurance policies will cover different things, but these plans often cover situations such as injuring someone, damaging someone’s property, defamation, or other similar liabilities. It doesn’t cover expenses related to business liability (unless you get a specific business policy), injury to yourself, or property damage. In Florida, you aren’t required to have umbrella insurance, but it can be good to have if you think you are likely to be sued or have many assets.

People who own property, for instance, often choose this type of policy, or families with a new or inexperienced driver may also opt for this type of policy. Certain types of equipment or items may be associated with higher potential liability, such as dogs, guns, pools, or trampolines, which can all cause harm in worst-case scenarios. You’ll want to ensure your policy covers your assets or potential liabilities. Some insurers, for instance, do not cover certain breeds of dogs.

Get Yourself Covered

At Tim Huber Insurance, we love to help people in and around St. Augustine, FL, get the coverage they need to feel confident, no matter what obstacles are ahead of them. If you’re ready to call a policy your own, our agency will gladly help you through the process and share our experience and knowledge with you. Contact us to learn more and ready yourself for unexpected accidents.

Understanding the True Value of Insurance: Beyond the Cheapest Option

In the realm of insurance, the temptation to opt for the cheapest policy often looms large. However, it’s essential to look beyond the price tag and consider the value an insurance provider offers. Travelers, Progressive, and Farmers stand as prime examples, each offering diverse coverage and a variety of discounts that go beyond just the bottom-line cost.

Travelers: Unveiling Comprehensive Coverage

Travelers Insurance focuses on providing comprehensive coverage that extends beyond the basics. While their premiums might not always be the lowest, their policies often come packed with added benefits and customizable options. Discounts such as the Multi-Policy Discount, Safe Driver Discount, and Continuous Insurance Discount reward customers for their loyalty and safe driving habits, emphasizing the importance of a robust coverage plan over solely chasing the cheapest premium.

Progressive: Balancing Price and Features

Progressive, known for its competitive rates, takes a balanced approach by offering affordable premiums without compromising essential features. They’ve innovated with programs like Snapshot, rewarding safe drivers with discounts based on their driving behavior. Bundling policies, including auto and home, qualifies customers for substantial discounts, showcasing how value goes beyond just the initial price.

Farmers: Emphasizing Tailored Solutions

Farmers Insurance understands that value lies in tailored solutions. While their rates might not always be the lowest, they excel in customizing coverage to suit individual needs. Discounts like the Good Student Discount, Signal by Farmers Discount, and Homeowner Discount highlight their commitment to rewarding responsible behavior and offering personalized solutions.

Beyond the Discounts: Assessing True Value

While discounts play a crucial role in making insurance more affordable, true value encompasses more than just a reduced premium. It’s about having the right coverage that adequately protects against risks, reliable customer service, swift claims processing, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re well-protected.

When selecting an insurance provider, it’s imperative to consider the balance between price and value. A cheaper policy might seem appealing initially, but it’s essential to weigh the coverage, discounts, and overall reliability of the provider. Investing in a policy that aligns with your needs and offers comprehensive coverage often proves more valuable in the long run than simply opting for the cheapest option.

How Can You Tell If You Live in a Flood Zone or Flood Plain

Knowing if your home is situated in a flood zone or flood plain is crucial for assessing your flood risk and securing the right flood insurance. Tim Huber Insurance, based in St. Augustine, FL, is here to guide you through this critical aspect of safeguarding your property.

How to Determine Your Flood Zone

  1. FEMA Flood Maps: FEMA offers Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) that delineate flood zones. You can access these maps online or consult local authorities or insurance agents like Tim Huber Insurance for guidance.
  2. Property Survey: If your property boundaries are unclear, consider hiring a surveyor to assess your property and provide flood zone information.
  3. Local Authorities: Contact your local zoning or planning department for flood zone information. They can help you determine your property’s flood zone.
  4. Insurance Agent: Consult an experienced insurance agent, such as Tim Huber Insurance, for insights into your flood risk and help with obtaining flood insurance.
  5. Online Tools: Some websites offer tools that allow you to input your address and receive flood zone information. However, these tools may not be as accurate as official FEMA maps.
  6. Community Rating System (CRS): If your community participates in FEMA’s CRS program, they may have information on your property’s flood risk reduction efforts, which can influence insurance rates.

Determining if your home is in a flood zone or flood plain is essential for making informed decisions about flood insurance. Tim Huber Insurance in St. Augustine, FL, is ready to assist you in understanding your flood risk and acquiring the appropriate flood insurance coverage. Contact us today to evaluate your flood risk and secure suitable flood insurance coverage.

It is Clear Sailing with the Right Boat Insurance Plan

Few things compare to the joy and beauty of being out on the open water in places like sunny St. Augustine, FL, where boating and beaches go hand in hand. For boaters, however, that also means being prepared, and that is where the professionals at Tim Huber Insurance can help.

If you need boat insurance or are comparing policies and plans, we invite you to visit us today. The only thing more important than having fun when we are at the helm of our seaworthy vessel is staying safe.

Protect You and Your Vessel with Boat Insurance

From the legal aspect to the practical standpoint, boat insurance isn’t only advisable but necessary. Like any motorized vehicle, with great power comes great responsibility, which is where insurance plays a role.

In addition to the legal and practical considerations, boat insurance is a great way to protect your investment. If you are like most boat owners, you take great pride in your boat and spend time and energy to keep it in excellent, seaworthy shape.

It is also an excellent idea to protect your time, effort, and investment in your seaworthy pride and joy with a boat insurance plan to fit your needs. While boat insurance isn’t a legal requirement in Florida, taking care of you and your boat does require the kind of protection boat insurance can provide.

For All Your Boating Insurance Needs

Thank you for visiting Tim Huber Insurance, where we proudly help boating enthusiasts in and around St. Augustine, FL with all their boat insurance needs. Contact us today to learn more and hit the open waters with the confidence to handle any rough waters that come your way.

How much condo insurance do I need?

Whether your condominium is your primary or secondary home, it is likely among your most significant investments. That makes insurance coverage that protects against the financial impact of fire, theft, or other unforeseen causes critical. Our goal at Tim Huber Insurance is to provide the coverage that best meets the needs of those in or near Jacksonville or St. Augustine, FL.

Condo Insurance Considerations

Every condo is different, as are the owner’s needs, so there is no one-size-fits-all formula for the amount of condo insurance you need. How much condo insurance you need depends on your choice of selected coverages, insured limits, and deductibles. More specifically:

  • Building Property- Your insured amount varies with the condo’s value and whether your association’s coverage is All-In or Bare Wall. All-in means the association is responsible for the building structure, cabinets, lighting, and other fixtures attached to the interior walls. Bare Walls mean the association covers only the building structure, so you must insure the interior fixtures.
  • Personal Property- The value of your furniture, flooring, appliances, and personal items drives the insured amount.
  • Personal Liability- Your risk tolerance determines whether you increase the liability limits for legal fees and medical bills above the policy minimums.
  • Additional Living Expenses- You choose whether to cover the expenses if you need to live elsewhere while repairs occur.
  • Loss Assessment Coverage- Protects you when facing charges due to shortfalls in the association’s coverage or new assessments.

Working with Tim Huber Insurance

Tim Huber Insurance proudly serves the St. Augustine, FL area. We take the time to understand each client’s unique insurance needs and look forward to helping you obtain a policy to protect your home and family against unforeseen events. Call or stop by today to discuss your condo insurance options.

What Kind Of Life Insurance Do You Need?

Life insurance is essential to protect your loved ones, especially the older you get. But there are several different kinds, and it can be hard to understand them all. Here’s how to know what type of life insurance you need and how to get quality life insurance in St. Augustine, FL. 

Whole Life Insurance 

Whole life insurance offers a one-time, lifelong, permanent policy that costs more each month but doesn’t require renewal. It builds cash value over time, but term life insurance tends to be less expensive ongoing. 

Universal Life Insurance 

This is an uncommon type of life insurance that allows you to change a permanent policy in the future and usually costs less than whole life insurance. That said, you’re not guaranteed that your policy’s cash value will grow as it does with whole life coverage. 

Term Life Insurance 

Term life insurance is the most common coverage type and is affordable and easy to get. You can purchase a policy that lasts only a few years or up to 30, depending on your age and current health status. But if you live longer than your policy, you’ll have to take out a new one. This is usually a lot more expensive later in life. 

Variable Life Insurance 

A variable life insurance policy has both fixed premiums and a guaranteed death benefit, but it’s also tied to investment accounts like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. You could do very well, but you’ll have to be involved in managing your account, since its cash value will fluctuate along with the market. 

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Understanding Your Flood Risk: Factors to Consider for Appropriate Coverage

Living in St. Augustine, FL, you are no stranger to floods. With hurricanes and tropical storms frequently hitting our coastal community, flooding is a real threat we must prepare for. Tim Huber Insurance discusses the factors you must consider when assessing your flood risk to ensure you have the appropriate coverage.

  1. Location: Location is vital in determining your flood risk. Living in a coastal area makes you more likely to experience flooding during a tropical storm or hurricane. Additionally, if you live in a low-lying area, you may be at a higher risk of flooding during heavy rains. Even if you do not live in a high-risk flood zone, it does not mean you are safe from flood damage.
  2. Home Elevation: Your home’s elevation can also impact your flood risk. If your home is built in a high-risk flood zone, it will be elevated to reduce flood damage. However, your home may not be elevated if you live outside a high-risk area. Considering this when assessing your flood risk and purchasing insurance coverage is crucial.
  3. Age of Home: The age of your home can also impact your flood risk. Older homes may have outdated plumbing or insufficient drainage systems, which can lead to flooding during heavy rains. Assessing your home’s existing drainage systems and making any necessary improvements is essential.
  4. Proximity to Water: The proximity of your home to water sources like rivers, lakes, and the Atlantic also impacts your flood risk. If you live near a water source prone to flooding, you are at a higher risk of flood damage.

Understanding your flood risk is crucial in St. Augustine, FL. Contact Tim Huber Insurance to determine the appropriate coverage for your home and possessions.

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

The agents at Tim Huber Insurance serving the St. Augustine, FL area want you to understand the importance of commercial insurance for your Florida business. First of all, it is imperative that you have the proper amount of auto liability insurance on each vehicle that is driven for your business or is owned by your company. Auto liability insurance is mandated under Florida law for all drivers, including those driving for your business.

Commercial Liability Insurance Coverage

Commercial liability insurance is critical to have in place since it can protect your business in various ways. For example, if someone falls and is injured at your business or due to something from your company, this type of insurance will help you out if a lawsuit is filed against you. It can help pay the injured person’s medical bills and even lost wages. It will also pay for any property damage caused by your business or someone working for your business. It can also help you in other court cases, such as slander, libel, or copyright infringement.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is critical for you to have as a business owner. This is because we never know when a natural disaster will occur, a fire will break out, or someone will commit an act of vandalism at our business. This type of insurance will help you replace any lost inventory and other damage caused by these events. It can also help if a burglary or theft incident happens at your business.

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