What Should I Do After A Flood?

Flooding is unfortunately a hazard familiar with St. Augustine, FL residents. After the waters recede, it’s difficult to know how to recover. We at Tim Huber Insurance want to make sure our readers get the best start to their flood recovery efforts with these tips provided by the American Red Cross. 

Stay Informed

If you live in an evacuated area, do not return until you’re told it’s safe. Local news and weather radio stations will often carry updates about when evacuated areas are safe to enter. Take time to let loved ones know you are safe. Inform your insurance company as early as possible to begin the claims process.

Return Safely

Inspect the outside of your home and property for any unsound structures. When in doubt, don’t risk entering. If you notice downed power lines avoid stepping in any water and report them to your power company. Don’t use any electric or gas appliances until they’re inspected.

Clean Up Smartly

Be cautious about where you put your feet and hands; dangerous insects and animals will often hide out inside after a flood. Wearing rubber gloves and boots can help prevent accidental injuries from broken glass and furniture. You should throw away any food that has come in contact with floodwater and don’t drink from the tap. As you clean, take pictures and document any damage for your insurance claim.

Take Care of Yourself

It’s too easy to ignore your emotional well-being when faced with a crisis. Make sure you and your loved ones take breaks to decompress. Reach out to disaster recovery services to assist yourself and others, especially those who have disabilities or lack transportation. 

Floods are always stressful, but flood insurance can provide a little more peace of mind. If you live in the St. Augustine, FL area, let Tim Huber Insurance make sure you’re prepared.