Reducing Losses from Shoplifting

Every business owner knows that shoplifting can be a significant and costly loss for profit margins. It’s vital to reduce these losses and protect your business from the financial burden of shoplifting. In St. Augustine, FL, Tim Huber Insurance is here to suggest ways to protect your business from shoplifting losses. 

Security Cameras and Alarms 

Using security cameras or alarm systems discourages shoplifters and deters them from entering your store in the first place. Installing cameras inside and outside your store will help you know who is always entering and exiting your store. Having an alarm system installed can also deter thieves by sounding off when they enter or attempt to leave with stolen items. Additionally, having visible signage that communicates that such systems protect your store may cause potential thieves to think twice before entering the premises or attempting to make away with stolen items. 

Suspicious Behavior Monitoring 

Have staff members on alert for any shoppers who seem overly preoccupied with their surroundings, linger around certain sections of the store too long, or quickly rush out upon noticing someone is watching them closely. Employees must also be trained to safely and appropriately handle any situations involving possible theft safely and adequately.

At Tim Huber Insurance, we understand how devastating losses from shoplifting can be for small businesses like yours, so you must take steps to reduce them before they become too costly. Installing security cameras and alarm systems, closely monitoring customer behavior within your premises, and investing in appropriate insurance coverage are all key measures. If you’re located in St. Augustine, FL, contact us today so we can get started helping you secure the proper protection for your business!