Expanding Coverage: The Role of Umbrella Insurance in St. Augustine

For those in St. Augustine, FL, figuring out if umbrella insurance is a wise decision can be daunting. Still, Tim Huber Insurance wants to use our knowledge to help Floridians better understand the role of umbrella insurance and how they can choose a policy that works well for them. Umbrella insurance is not the most well-known type, so many people are surprised by its usefulness.

Weather the Storm with Umbrella Insurance

In life, unexpected incidents can cause lots of chaos, stress, and financial burden. It can feel like you’re forced to stand in a storm that leaves you soaking wet and unsteady on your feet. It’s in those types of situations that umbrella insurance can come in handy. Umbrella insurance is a lot like an extension of your other insurance because when you reach limits on different policies, like home or car insurance, your umbrella insurance can then pay for costs you owe beyond what your other policies will cover.

Different umbrella insurance policies will cover different things, but these plans often cover situations such as injuring someone, damaging someone’s property, defamation, or other similar liabilities. It doesn’t cover expenses related to business liability (unless you get a specific business policy), injury to yourself, or property damage. In Florida, you aren’t required to have umbrella insurance, but it can be good to have if you think you are likely to be sued or have many assets.

People who own property, for instance, often choose this type of policy, or families with a new or inexperienced driver may also opt for this type of policy. Certain types of equipment or items may be associated with higher potential liability, such as dogs, guns, pools, or trampolines, which can all cause harm in worst-case scenarios. You’ll want to ensure your policy covers your assets or potential liabilities. Some insurers, for instance, do not cover certain breeds of dogs.

Get Yourself Covered

At Tim Huber Insurance, we love to help people in and around St. Augustine, FL, get the coverage they need to feel confident, no matter what obstacles are ahead of them. If you’re ready to call a policy your own, our agency will gladly help you through the process and share our experience and knowledge with you. Contact us to learn more and ready yourself for unexpected accidents.