St. Augustine FL: How sea air affects your home

Living right on the coast in St. Augustine, FL is simply amazing. You wake up every morning to the sound of ocean waves crashing against the beach, you enjoy warm weather all year round, even if you’re a little more inland, you’re never more than a short walk away from the sea. All that salty sea air is great for people, but not always so great for homes.

The problem is that salt is corrosive. So corrosive in fact that when Hurricane Sandy hit New York City, they didn’t just drain the salt water from the flooded streets and subways, they had to flush the affected areas with fresh water in order to get rid of all that salt.

Salty air can create structural damage in wooden structures as the salt clings to the wood and creates a fuzzy, salty layer that attaches to, and destroys, the top layer of wood, slowly chewing its way down through the rest of the wood, digging in deep.

Salty air can also chew away at a paint job, which is why you see so many bare homes in beach towns. A lot of people in St. Augustine, FL simply don’t care to deal with salt damage.

Cleaning the surface of your home can help. Giving your home a thorough scrub once a year, not allowing mold or salt to set in. You can also use protective primers and paints. Some of the providers you find through Tim Huber Insurance may even offer discounts if you take protective measures against salty air.