Benefits of Commercial Insurance

If you have a business, you know that commercial insurance is one of the cornerstones of good business acumen. Tim Huber Insurance serving St. Augustine, FL would like you to know about commercial insurance benefits.

Asset Protection

One of the key benefits of a comprehensive commercial insurance policy is the financial protection of your assets against certain perils you may experience. Depending on your policy structure, you may either have a policy that pays for the perils specified in the policy or pays unless it is a peril specifically excluded from the policy. This can include policy add-ons that provide additional insurance against theft and vandalism.


Liability and litigation go hand in hand. If you are legally responsible for someone’s injuries or damage to their property, you are liable. Liability insurance provides a financial cushion, and certain policies may include insurance covering you for the costs of a liability lawsuit.

Employee Protection

If you are a business with employees, then there is a chance that your employees may experience injuries, death, or disability while working. Workmen’s compensation insurance pays or helps to pay for these costs, often including a loss of income benefit for the employee while they recover.

Business Interruption

It shouldn’t happen often, but sometimes, an event beyond your control may interrupt the industry of your business, directly affecting your bottom line. This is where business interruption insurance comes in. Depending on your policy wording, this provides you with benefits while your business is closed.

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The biggest benefit of commercial insurance is peace of mind, knowing that you have tailored your commercial insurance to protect you against your greatest enemy, the unexpected. Speak to Tim Huber Insurance serving St. Augustine, FL, today about renewing or reviewing your commercial insurance policy.