When to Purchase Home Insurance After Buying a New Home

For new and seasoned homeowners in St. Augustine, FL, our team of insurance professionals at Tim Huber Insurance is excited to help protect your property. It can be tricky to tell when the best time is to buy home insurance for your property. After all, if you purchase it before you’ve closed on a home, it may feel too early. Buying it after years of homeownership leaves your home at risk. When you want to strike the perfect balance between these two extremes, our suggestions below can help.

What Is Home Insurance?

Home insurance, also known as “homeowner’s insurance,” protects your primary dwelling as a homeowner from liability, qualifying damage, and more. It’s useful to have for any homeowner. In some cases, it may also be legally necessary to hold it.

When to Purchase Homeowner’s Insurance for New Homeowners

Before you buy homeowner’s insurance, you’ll want to research policies and connect with our office to discuss how we can support you in protecting a prospective home. It’s never too early to research home insurance policies and options. In fact, we encourage those interested in purchasing a home to start looking at policies and building a relationship with us as soon as they know that’s a goal they want to achieve.

Once you’ve researched home insurance policies, you’ll want to know when your mortgage lender and other relevant parties require you to have home insurance. Since some lenders will refuse to approve a loan without proof of insurance, it’s best to get on this task sooner rather than later. Of course, it’s better to purchase home insurance late than never.

To learn how to protect your home, call us at Tim Huber Insurance in St. Augustine, FL!