Is Boat Insurance A Must in Florida?

Boat insurance.

Boat insurance is an insurance policy provided by companies like Tim Huber Insurance Company that helps protect vessels motorized by a motor power that comprises at least 25 miles per hour against damage. This insurance covers all boats, including fishing boats, Bowrider boats, Deck boats, among others. It protects you from risks like theft, physical loss, damage, or towing. Some boat insurance covers for injury to other people other than the driver and medical payments. For this reason, it is wise for all boat owners to choose boat insurance that is best suitable for them in St. Augustine, FL.

Is Boat Insurance a Must in Florida?

In Florida, it is not mandatory for boat owners to have boat insurance. But, considering the value of your boat, why risk it? Some boat owners might consider it pocket-friendly to purchase or repair damages on their boat. Hence, they end up not opting for boat insurance. Others consider the value of their boat so high that they choose suitable boat insurance. Therefore, the decision to have boat insurance, from a company like Tim Huber Insurance, is instrumental in instilling peace of mind. 

Optional Types of Boat Insurance.

Total Loss Replacement Boat Insurance Coverage.

It is an option that most boat owners in St. Augustine, FL opt for. This option is only available if the boat is not more than a one-year-old model. In case of total damage to the totaled boat, the company buys the owner another boat or gives the owner the sum they initially paid for it. This is usually optional. 

Medical Payments Boat Insurance.

Medical payments boat insurance option ensures the medical payments for the boat owner, passengers, and any other person hurt in an accident. This is a perfect option because no one predicts the occurrence of an accident or its intensity.

Trailer Trip-Interruption Boat Insurance.

Here, a boat is covered if it experiences some interruption in the middle of the journey on water that is at least 100 miles from home. The insurance company comes through by covering food, hotel, and other transportation expenses. 

Boat insurance is a great deal for all boat owners in St. Augustine, FL. Carnages are not predictable. They may sometimes be fatal and make it difficult for the owner to pay cash from the pocket to cover the damages and medical bills. Please get in touch with our agents at Tim Huber Insurance to get detailed information about boat insurance.