Does Motorhome Insurance Cover Your Personal Items?

If you are planning on setting out on the road in a motorhome, you may want to familiarize yourself with the insurance terms and conditions whether you are providing your own vehicle or renting one. There are different types of motorhome coverage, just like there are different types of auto insurance.

Basic Motorhome Insurance

If you purchase basic motorhome insurance, generally, it covers the actual engine and structure or the motorhome. If you want to include more comprehensive coverage, you will have to purchase additional insurance. There may be some all in one package available, but you should inquire about your options with a reputable insurance provider. They can recommend options right for your individual needs and help you prevent gaps in coverage that could prove costly if you have a claim. 

Finding A Good Insurance Provider

Not all insurance providers are alike. In order to get the coverage you need, make sure you work with an insurance provider with experience in motorhome insurance and who also has an established reputation ion in the community. Working with a knowledgeable agent will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your time out on the open road without worrying about coverage. If you live in or around the St. Augustine, FL area, you should consider purchasing your motorhome insurance from Tim Huber Insurance. 

Enjoy your free time without having to worry about insurance protection. St. Augustine, FL residents can count on the insurance products offered by Tim Huber Insurance. They are ready to work with you to help you get on the road. Call or stop by the office to speak with one of our friendly insurance agents today.