What are the benefits of classic car insurance?

Owning and driving a classic car is a dream for many people around St. Augustine, FL. A classic car is not only stylish, but it can also be a good investment as they tend to increase in value over time. While having a classic car is a dream for many, it is also an important asset that needs to be protected with insurance. One of the best ways to do this is through a classic car insurance policy, which can provide you with unique benefits. 

Gives Additional Value Coverage

If you have a classic car that has the value that you want to protect, classic car insurance is a necessity. Most car insurance policies will only provide you with coverage for up to the actual cash value, which is just the replacement cost less past depreciation. With classic car insurance, you will receive a guaranteed value that has been agreed to in advance by you and your auto insurance provider. This ensures that you can receive the full value of the car if it is damaged beyond repair.

Typical Liability Coverage

Another advantage of classic car insurance is that is can provide you with the standard liability coverage. With a classic car, you will have the same liability insurance obligations as you would if you were driving any other car. Part of your insurance policy will provide you with coverage that will at least the state minimum requirements.

If you are an owner of a classic car in the St. Augustine, FL area, you should reach out to the team at Tim Huber Insurance. Choosing a quality classic car insurance policy can be complicated and you will want to speak with someone that is knowledgeable about this unique product. Tim Huber Insurance will help you to build a policy that provides you with the right level of coverage to protect your classic car.