3 Ways Umbrella Insurance Covers Your Assets

Expanding Your Home and Auto Liability Coverage

The financial damage from an auto accident or a medical emergency in your home can be astronomical. If an injured person sues you, the amount could be higher than your coverage, even with a sizable policy limit. Umbrella insurance, offered through agencies like us at Tim Huber Insurance in St. Augustine, FL, focuses on covering people who already have insurance, so it kicks into effect in these situations to pick up the loss. Since its policyholders have less risk due to already having insurance, umbrella coverage has high coverage limits and low premiums that make it valuable for those scenarios without breaking your bank.

Protecting Your Family

An umbrella policy’s spread of coverage goes beyond yourself. As long as they don’t have their own separate insurance policy, members of your household will be covered. More household members make for more potential risk, especially if you have a young driver living at home. Signing up for umbrella coverage ensures you can be there for them in every way.

Covering Your Uncovered Losses

Umbrella insurance has fewer restrictions on what it will cover compared to home and auto insurance. Instead of telling you what the policy will cover, the policy explicitly outlines the things that it won’t cover. Which items are excluded will vary as you look between providers and policies, but the exclusions are usually ones that make sense, such as not covering damage that you cause to your own property. If you are liable for a loss that isn’t excluded but has no other coverage, you pay a limited amount similar to a deductible. When you venture out of St. Augustine, FL, you can focus on having a good time instead of worrying if you sign up for an umbrella insurance policy with the help of Tim Huber Insurance.