Commercial Insurance Options in St. Augustine, FL

If you live in St. Augustine, FL and are a business owner, you may want to learn more about commercial insurance. You can learn from the expertise of a firm such as Tim Huber Insurance.

If you are a business owner in the state of Florida, there are different types of commercial insurance that you should consider. There are both legal and financial reasons for this. There are many different events that could potentially threaten your business. These include employees getting injured, customers slipping and falling, and even natural disasters. Additionally, you need to have worker’s compensation available for your employees if you have them. There are also other types of coverage that you should consider, depending on the exact nature of your business. These include coverage for your business property, daily operations, and electronic data.

There are many types of coverage that you should have in terms of commercial insurance. General liability insurance is very important for businesses, as this will protect against third-party property damage and bodily injury. Commercial auto insurance and workers compensation insurance might also be necessary, depending on whether you employ vehicles and workers. Business insurance isn’t actually required by Florida state law, other than workers compensation for those who have employees, so it is really up to you what type of coverage you want to get. There are many different types and the types that you would need depend a lot on the type of business that you own.

If you live in the city of St. Augustine, FL, and want to know more about commercial insurance, you should feel free to contact the professionals at Tim Huber Insurance. They will be able to provide you with guidance in terms of the policy that may be right for you and answer any other questions that you may have about commercial insurance.