Exploring Some Common Umbrella Insurance Myths

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Common Umbrella Insurance Myths

Umbrella insurance is an asset during times when you are faced with a potential liability dispute. The policy acts as a safety net to protect you from potentially dealing with huge losses. You’ll be protected if someone is injured while visiting your St. Augustine, FL residence. If you are a business owner, you’ll also be protected if you are in a serious liability issue that threatens your assets. While you are researching policies, avoid some of these common umbrella insurance myths.

Umbrella Insurance Stands Alone

This is incorrect. Umbrella insurance functions as a secondary policy. The coverage is not designed to take the place of a home, auto, or commercial policy.

I Don’t Need Coverage Because My Assets Aren’t Valuable

Umbrella insurance doesn’t simply protect people with luxury assets. Everything that you own has some type of value. If someone gets seriously injured at your home, you could potentially be faced with expensive litigation. However, umbrella insurance provides a safety net.

Umbrella Insurance Policies Are Too Complex

The process of finding the right umbrella insurance policy can be complicated at times. However, the primary objective is to add coverage to protect your investments. If you are involved in an auto accident you cause serious property damage, you can rely on your umbrella coverage to back up your traditional auto insurance policy.

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