Is Boat Insurance Required in Florida?

Florida boat owners are not required to carry insurance or have a special license to operate their boats in the state; however, you will need to have a safety identification card, active registration, and have titled your boat with Florida. Additionally, while state law does not stipulate that you need insurance if you financed your boat then the lender may require that you have coverage to protect their investment. With that said, boat insurance is highly recommended – particularly in Florida – given the number of boats on the water, the high risk of hurricanes and other storms, and the high cost of repairs.

Given the expense associated with owning and operating a boat, having insurance is an excellent source for peace of mind. Generally speaking, a boat insurance policy will offer coverage for damage to the boat or personal property that is on board (minus your deductible), liability coverage for damage to another person or their property, medical payments, uninsured boat owners coverage, and towing coverage if you become stranded and need to be towed to a marina. When shopping for boat insurance coverage, it is important to know that most policies are limited to specific territories which means that if you take your boat outside of Florida waterways you may not be covered unless you have prior approval.

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