Three Reasons Classic Car Insurance is Essential in St. Augustine, FL

You either purchased or are considering investing in a classic car in St. Augustine, FL. Still, you want to ensure you have completed all the necessary research and the proper documentation to keep your collectible vehicle safe. At Tim Huber Insurance, we get questions about why classic car insurance is necessary, and our professionals are here to clear up any concerns you may have.

Custom Tailor Your Policy

You’ve likely invested a decent amount of money in your classic car, and perhaps you’ve even done some of the work yourself. With classic car insurance coverage, you can customize your policy. Unlike a traditional insurance policy, the value of your car is determined only after a claim is made. Instead, you will know what your coverage includes if you need to make a claim.

After-Market Improvements

With classic car insurance, you can include post-factory features that were added during the restoration process. Some of the items that are typically covered are things like air conditioning installation, paint, an upgraded engine, or a power steering addition. With standard car insurance, you don’t have the option for additional coverage.

Save Cash

Your classic car is considered a second vehicle, not a daily driver. That means the rate you are charged is significantly less than it would be if you covered it with a standard insurance policy.

You are encouraged to contact the qualified professionals from Tim Huber Insurance and Financial Services to clarify any additional questions or to receive further information about classic car insurance in St. Augustine, FL.