If My Classic Car is in an Accident, Can I Repair it Myself?

Many owners of classic cars enjoy driving, showing, and discussing their vehicles with others, knowing they restored and maintained the car. Bragging rights come from the craftsmanship and care that brought the vehicle back to its glory days, and this is why some classic car insurance policies allow owners to repair their vehicles following accidents. If you need a classic car or other insurance and live in or near St. Augustine, FL, contact the Tim Huber Insurance team for assistance.

Approved Repair Practices for Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are different animals than everyday drivers, and the same is often true of their owners, so classic car owners whose vehicles are involved in an accident have different needs than owners of everyday vehicles.

Insurance companies often have preferred repair providers for everyday vehicles but have more liberal policies for classic cars. Usually, the owner can take their classic car to a specialist shop that charges several times more than a mainstream shop for a similar repair. Classic car policies are also more forgiving with the cost of replacement parts due to the need for authenticity.

In addition, some, but not all, classic car insurance providers allow the owner to repair the car and may help locate the parts needed for the repairs. If repairing your vehicle yourself is critical, raise the issue with your agent when you first discuss acquiring classic car insurance so they can search for the right provider.

Working with Tim Huber Insurance

The team at Tim Huber Insurance wants to provide the classic car insurance that best fits your needs. If you live in the St. Augustine, FL, area, call or stop by today and allow us to care for all your insurance needs.