Your Flood Insurance Options Explained

Flood risks can ruin your home and your valuable items. While no one can give back something with sentimental values, you can protect yourself as much as possible.

Do you know how covered you are in case your neighborhood and home experiences flooding? Or do you know when flood insurance becomes a must? We do and we are here to help you figure this all out too.

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When You Need Flood Insurance

Of course, it seems logical to get flood insurance if you live in an area that is at a high risk of flooding. It’s definitely incredibly wise to get flood insurance at that point, but in some cases, you are actually required to have flood insurance. Mortgage lenders might not give out a mortgage for certain high-risk areas unless the buyer agrees to flood insurance. Make sure to read up on your flooding risk now, but especially if you plan on moving to a new area. 

When You Should Want Flood Insurance

If you don’t live in a high-risk area, it is still worth discussing flood insurance with us. Even if the risk is low or you live in a high rise, knowing what you stand to lose in case of flooding might be the push you need to avoid losing your valuables and property damage in case the worst happens.

We can provide you with multiple quotes and advise you on what flood insurance is best suited for your circumstances. You can call Tim Huber Insurance in St. Augustine, FL to enquire about quotes.

Is Boat Insurance A Must in Florida?

Boat insurance.

Boat insurance is an insurance policy provided by companies like Tim Huber Insurance Company that helps protect vessels motorized by a motor power that comprises at least 25 miles per hour against damage. This insurance covers all boats, including fishing boats, Bowrider boats, Deck boats, among others. It protects you from risks like theft, physical loss, damage, or towing. Some boat insurance covers for injury to other people other than the driver and medical payments. For this reason, it is wise for all boat owners to choose boat insurance that is best suitable for them in St. Augustine, FL.

Is Boat Insurance a Must in Florida?

In Florida, it is not mandatory for boat owners to have boat insurance. But, considering the value of your boat, why risk it? Some boat owners might consider it pocket-friendly to purchase or repair damages on their boat. Hence, they end up not opting for boat insurance. Others consider the value of their boat so high that they choose suitable boat insurance. Therefore, the decision to have boat insurance, from a company like Tim Huber Insurance, is instrumental in instilling peace of mind. 

Optional Types of Boat Insurance.

Total Loss Replacement Boat Insurance Coverage.

It is an option that most boat owners in St. Augustine, FL opt for. This option is only available if the boat is not more than a one-year-old model. In case of total damage to the totaled boat, the company buys the owner another boat or gives the owner the sum they initially paid for it. This is usually optional. 

Medical Payments Boat Insurance.

Medical payments boat insurance option ensures the medical payments for the boat owner, passengers, and any other person hurt in an accident. This is a perfect option because no one predicts the occurrence of an accident or its intensity.

Trailer Trip-Interruption Boat Insurance.

Here, a boat is covered if it experiences some interruption in the middle of the journey on water that is at least 100 miles from home. The insurance company comes through by covering food, hotel, and other transportation expenses. 

Boat insurance is a great deal for all boat owners in St. Augustine, FL. Carnages are not predictable. They may sometimes be fatal and make it difficult for the owner to pay cash from the pocket to cover the damages and medical bills. Please get in touch with our agents at Tim Huber Insurance to get detailed information about boat insurance. 

Why Is Condo Insurance Different from Home Insurance?

If you buy a condo, you may be surprised to learn that you need to buy condo insurance rather than homeowners insurance. They are very different types of policies. The key difference between the policies surrounds what each protects.

If you live in St. Augustine, FL and own a condo, Tim Huber Insurance has some information that may help you choose the right policy for your needs. Here’s what you need to know as you shop for a new policy.

Condo Insurance Covers the Interior

While homeowners need coverage for the interior and exterior of the property, people who own condos need coverage for only the interior of the unit and their own personal items. You also won’t need dwelling coverage for the building.

Your standard condo insurance may cover your personal belongings up to a specific financial limit. You may add on additional personal property coverage.

Condo Insurance Offers Different Add-Ons

You will find plenty of add-ons for condo insurance policies that differ from homeowners insurance coverage. For instance, condo owners may add loss assessment coverage. This helps cover the gap between your standard condo policy and the insurance of the condo association.

Condo Insurance Has Different Liability Coverage

When you own a condo, you don’t need liability coverage for the exterior of your home, like the yard. You only need liability coverage for the interior of your unit.

Condo Insurance Offers Different Policies

Choosing the right insurance policy for your condo can be complicated, which is why so many owners speak with insurance agents. If you live in St. Augustine, FL and want to purchase the right policy, get in touch with Tim Huber Insurance for more information about the difference between condo and homeowners insurance.

How much life insurance is enough

How much life insurance is enough is something only you can answer. No two people will have exactly the same amount. Many factors play a role in determining what amount makes sense for your particular situation. Sitting down with your insurance agent can help you when it comes to making sure you have the coverage you need and can afford. In St. Augustine, FL, Tim Huber Insurance believes in offering his customers lots of choices and also getting to know them personally to better meet their needs. 

How much life insurance is enough depends on a few things. All of them contribute to coming up with the correct figure.

How much insurance is provided by your employer?

While employer insurance isn’t the first line of defense in your life insurance arsenal, it adds something to the plan. You may not need to get quite as much in your personal life insurance portfolio. Keep in mind that you may not be able to continue to have this policy if you change employers, so you need to make sure you have an adequate amount of personal life insurance.  

Who depends on you for support?

If you are married, your spouse may count on your pay to supplement theirs and if you have children, their support needs to be taken into account. How about aging parents? Will they need to receive any support from you? 

For how long does your support need to last?

The age of your children is the main factor in determining how much life insurance is enough. If they are young, it could be 15 or more years and that may not even include college. But, you need to be able to afford to pay for what seems like an immense amount of life insurance. Your independent insurance agent has access to many carriers and can help you make an affordable plan

Contact Tim Huber Insurance in St. Augustine, FL with all your life insurance needs. 

Who Needs Flood Insurance in St. Augustine, FL?

Floods are the most expensive natural disasters in St. Augustine, FL. That is enough reason to get a flood insurance policy if you’re an economy-conscious resident.  Imagine what could happen if you found your home swept away by the angry floodwaters. How long would it take you to recover?

If your answer is “not sure”, you don’t need another reason to buy flood insurance. Typically, that answers our title question about who needs to buy flood insurance. At Tim Huber Insurance, we advise our clients to buy insurance for anything they’re not ready to lose or replace.

Everyone needs flood insurance

No one is really ever safe from floods.  More than 20 % of flood insurance claims come from residents living in moderate and low-risk areas. Just because your home hasn’t flooded before doesn’t mean it can’t happen. It’s pretty critical to assess your location and determine the amount of flood insurance you will buy.

If you live in a high-risk flood area and bought a home through a mortgage

While flood insurance is not federally required, your mortgage lender will require you to carry flood insurance if they find out the house or property is located in a high-risk flood area. Some states also recommend buying the policy if your home is marked to be in a high-risk flood area. High-risk flood zones mean you can expect flooding to occur almost every year.

If you’re not adequately prepared, you may end up losing your home and its contents. Remember, flood insurance has a 30-day waiting period, of which it may not be active in the event of a flood event.

Get your flood insurance policy with Tim Huber Insurance 

Don’t wait till the cold season hits to buy flood insurance in St. Augustine, FL. For quotes, queries, and more information about flood insurance, feel free to call Tim Huber Insurance.

Is It Time To Review Your Commercial Insurance Coverage?

You renew your commercial insurance every year, but do you take time to review it? If it’s been a while since you relooked at your commercial insurance for your St. Augustine, FL business, it’s time you gave it a second thought. Reviewing your commercial insurance allows you to see whether it covers your current needs. Besides, it ensures that you are not overpaying or underpaying your premiums. 

Wondering when it’s an ideal time to review your commercial insurance? Hang on as Tim Huber Insurance shares insights. It would help if you renewed your commercial insurance when:

Downsizing or expanding

Are you moving to a smaller office? Or perhaps, you are adding another store? Are you considering new products in your business offering? Either way, you need to review your commercial insurance to ensure you are optimally covered. 

When hiring new employees

You know that employees are your most valuable assets. With this in mind, you need workers’ comp insurance to shield your employees from work-related injuries and illnesses that may hamper their productivity. Since your workforce changes from time to time, you need to update your commercial insurance policy to cover your current needs.

You want to use your personal vehicle to run business operations

Would you want to convert your vehicle to run business errands? You may need commercial auto insurance. Why? Personal auto insurance won’t cover you in case of an accident when using your vehicle to carry out commercial duties. 

You are relocating

Are you moving or adding new locations to your business operations? You need to update your insurance agent about your new business locations. Some areas are prone to risks like floods, theft, and so forth. As such, your commercial insurance requires adjustment to cover your current insurance needs. 

Commercial Insurance in St. Augustine, FL

Do you want more information about commercial insurance? Please contact Tim Huber Insurance to answer your commercial insurance queries. Better yet, we will help cover your business if shopping for commercial insurance coverage.

Dos and Dont’s when Filing a Home Insurance Claim

Dos and Don’ts when Filing a Home Insurance Claim

One of the policies on your expense sheet that you pay but hope you never have to use is a home insurance policy. That’s why many St. Augustine, FL homeowners do not know how to file a home insurance claim. Unfortunately, terrible things happen, and you may need to call your insurance company to file a claim. If you have recently bought home insurance or had damages to your property, here are a few dos and don’ts’ we thought you should know.

Do: Contact Your Insurance Company

Your first step towards filing a successful insurance claim is contacting your insurance provider. If there was criminal activity involved, call the police first and get a police report. Your insurance company will request it when compensating you for damages.

Don’t: Touch Anything If a Crime Was Committed

If there was a criminal activity like murder, consider your home a crime scene and don’t touch anything until the police allow you. Remember, you will also be questioned regarding the crime, so leave everything as it is until the investigations are done.

Do: Document Everything

Tim Huber Insurance recommends taking as many videos as possible. There is nothing like over documenting when it comes to your home insurance claim. Your smartphone can be a reliable tool for taking pictures and videos to be used during the compensation. It’s even better if you can capture the origin of the loss and the resulting damage.

Don’t: Throw Away Receipts

Receipts will always be helpful in any insurance claim. You will need them to prove that you owned specific items that were stolen, and you will also need receipts as evidence of your incurred costs when your home becomes unlivable.

Don’t forget to study your St. Augustine, FL home insurance policy before filing your claim to avoid attracting extra premium charges.  For more information about filing home insurance claims, contact Tim Huber Insurance today!

Is motorhome insurance needed in Florida?

The St. Augustine, FL area can be a great place to live. One of the advantages that comes with living in this area also has access to many great local parks and outdoor adventure. To tour the state and country well, getting a motorhome is a great option. Along with the purchase of your motorhome, you also need to carefully consider your insurance needs for it. There are great reasons why this coverage is necessary for Florida owners. 

Insurance Needed to Comply with State

A reason that many people in Florida will need to have a motorhome insurance plan is that it is required to drive any type of vehicle. Those that would like to drive a vehicle on a public road should always carry a liability insurance plan. If you do not maintain this coverage, you could be penalized if you are caught driving without it. This could result in losing your right to drive the vehicle.

Insurance is Required by Lenders

Purchasing a motorhome will almost always come with a big investment and it could require that you take out a loan to complete the purchase. If you have decided to finance your vehicle purchase with a loan, it is important to understand the insurance requirements. Most of the time, you will need to carry a motorhome insurance plan at all times to ensure that the asset is as well protected as possible. 

As you are looking for this protection in the St. Augustine, FL area, it would be a good idea for you to call Tim Huber Insurance. The team with Tim Huber Insurance can give the support needed to understand your insurance needs and options. They can then give the support needed to pick a quality insurance plan for your business. 

Who needs home insurance in Florida?

The St. Augustine, FL area continues to be a great place to work and live. If you would like to move here, it would be a good idea to own your property. Those that are property owners in this area of Florida will benefit in many ways but also have responsibilities. One need that most property owners have here is the need to get proper insurance. There are several situations when this coverage is needed.

When Financing Home with Mortgage

A lot of people choose to take advantage of low-interest rates and to buy their homes with a mortgage. If you want to buy a home and take out a mortgage, you will need to get proper coverage. Any mortgage lender will have specific insurance requirements that need to be met and they may require escrow payments to ensure there is not a coverage lapse. 

Home Association Rules

You may also need to get a home insurance plan if you live in a home association. There are a lot of individuals that will live in a home association community. If this is the case for you, it is important to follow all of the rules. Most associations will have insurance requirements that need to be met. 

Buying a home is a great housing option for those all over the St. Augustine, FL area. If you are going to buy a home in this area, getting the right insurance for it is extremely important. One company that will be able to help you assess your insurance needs and pick a plan is Tim Huber Insurance. When you do call Tim Huber Insurance for your insurance needs you understand more about how the coverage can mitigate risk for you. The team can also assist you and create a plan that properly protects your asset. 

Commercial Insurance Options in St. Augustine, FL

If you live in St. Augustine, FL and are a business owner, you may want to learn more about commercial insurance. You can learn from the expertise of a firm such as Tim Huber Insurance.

If you are a business owner in the state of Florida, there are different types of commercial insurance that you should consider. There are both legal and financial reasons for this. There are many different events that could potentially threaten your business. These include employees getting injured, customers slipping and falling, and even natural disasters. Additionally, you need to have worker’s compensation available for your employees if you have them. There are also other types of coverage that you should consider, depending on the exact nature of your business. These include coverage for your business property, daily operations, and electronic data.

There are many types of coverage that you should have in terms of commercial insurance. General liability insurance is very important for businesses, as this will protect against third-party property damage and bodily injury. Commercial auto insurance and workers compensation insurance might also be necessary, depending on whether you employ vehicles and workers. Business insurance isn’t actually required by Florida state law, other than workers compensation for those who have employees, so it is really up to you what type of coverage you want to get. There are many different types and the types that you would need depend a lot on the type of business that you own.

If you live in the city of St. Augustine, FL, and want to know more about commercial insurance, you should feel free to contact the professionals at Tim Huber Insurance. They will be able to provide you with guidance in terms of the policy that may be right for you and answer any other questions that you may have about commercial insurance.