Does Motorhome Insurance Cover Your Personal Items?

If you are planning on setting out on the road in a motorhome, you may want to familiarize yourself with the insurance terms and conditions whether you are providing your own vehicle or renting one. There are different types of motorhome coverage, just like there are different types of auto insurance.

Basic Motorhome Insurance

If you purchase basic motorhome insurance, generally, it covers the actual engine and structure or the motorhome. If you want to include more comprehensive coverage, you will have to purchase additional insurance. There may be some all in one package available, but you should inquire about your options with a reputable insurance provider. They can recommend options right for your individual needs and help you prevent gaps in coverage that could prove costly if you have a claim. 

Finding A Good Insurance Provider

Not all insurance providers are alike. In order to get the coverage you need, make sure you work with an insurance provider with experience in motorhome insurance and who also has an established reputation ion in the community. Working with a knowledgeable agent will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your time out on the open road without worrying about coverage. If you live in or around the St. Augustine, FL area, you should consider purchasing your motorhome insurance from Tim Huber Insurance. 

Enjoy your free time without having to worry about insurance protection. St. Augustine, FL residents can count on the insurance products offered by Tim Huber Insurance. They are ready to work with you to help you get on the road. Call or stop by the office to speak with one of our friendly insurance agents today. 

Types of Motorcycle Insurance

Choosing to carry motorcycle insurance is one of the important safety precautions every biker should take. Read on to learn more about the different types of motorcycle insurance you should purchase from Tim Huber Insurance.

Liability Insurance

Motorcycle owners in St. Augustine, FL, should buy liability insurance for their motorcycles. Tim Huber Insurance recommends that you should at least buy the minimum liability to protect yourself financially in the event of a motorcycle accident. Without a liability insurance coverage, you may end up paying a lot of money out-of-pocket in terms of bodily injury and damage to other people’s property.

Medical Insurance Coverage

In case you or your passengers get injured in a motorcycle accident, the medical insurance coverage will cover the medical bills and other expenses resulting from the injuries. You can purchase the coverage in different amounts to help you address various expenses including prescription pain medications.

Uninsured Automobile Coverage 

The coverage comes in handy when you or your family member is injured or killed in the event of an accident involving an uninsured or underinsured driver. The coverage can also provide financial compensation if the driver who hit your motorcycle is unidentified. The insurance company will also help you cover the cost of damage to your motorcycle through the coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage

Sometimes, natural causes that are not related to collision or being hit by another motorist can cause damage to your motorcycle. Hence, when your motorcycle is damaged by events or disasters such as fires, floods, vandalism, or theft, your insurance company will reimburse if you have a comprehensive coverage.

Even if you have motorcycle insurance, your coverage may not be enough to help you fully pay for serious injuries or loss of your motorcycle. Therefore, it is important to consider filing a claim against the at-fault driver or party for compensation. If you need more information about motorcycle insurance and how to get the most affordable quotes in St. Augustine, FL, contact Tim Huber Insurance today.

Reasons why you need umbrella insurance

Sometimes we have found ourselves in an incident where the insurance policy covers we hold are not accountable to all the costs of damages caused. In the USA, the insurance companies have a liability policy to cover you against these extra costs. This is meant to give you a peace of mind when you are harassed by a coincidence of depression and financial crisis.

With Tim Huber insurance- an insurance company with an agency serving city, St. Augustine FL you can access an umbrella insurance policy. However, it has been discovered that a good percentage of the population think that the policy is meant for the rich – false. Umbrella insurance policy will cover you against the following incidences. They include:

•    Protection against an injury caused to a person while in the custody of your property- If a visitor is bitten by your dog or a person breaks a leg while in your compound, they may sue you in the court of law. However, having accessed an agency serving the city, St. Augustine, FL; Tim Huber insurance and procured an umbrella insurance policy, you will be at peace. The policy will take of both the medical payment and legal charges cost – if the cost exceeds what your homeowner’s policy covers.
•    Protection against a damage caused to person’s property- sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we are the cause of damage to another parties’ property. Umbrella insurance by an agency serving the city, St. Augustine, FL; Tim Huber insurance will cover you against the cost of the loss caused to another person.
•    Coverage from lawsuits that are not under your home policy- Umbrella insurance policy by an agency serving, St. Augustine- Tim Huber insurance will pay for you the remaining legal costs.

How Much Flood Insurance is Enough?

Flooding can be common around St. Augustine, FL, especially around hurricane season. However, that is not the only time that you need to worry about it. You should have a flood insurance policy in place all year long from Tim Huber Insurance because flooding can happen in a variety of ways, not just with hurricanes. Unfortunately, most home insurance policies do not actually cover any flood damages so you need to get this in addition to that policy. However, the question is for how much?

When it comes to getting flood insurance, what you want to look at are the coverage amounts. To get the right coverage amount, you should consider not only the rebuild cost of your home but also the cost of your personal belongings in the home. Both of these things can be impacted by a flood and in the case of a total loss, you want to make sure you have enough in place to replace as much as possible. You may also want to consider getting enough coverage for housing in the interim if that is not covered by your home insurance policy. By taking these estimated amounts into consideration, it will give you the estimated amount of flood insurance coverage you need. 

Now that you have an idea of what you should be looking for in terms of a flood insurance policy, it is time to get one. You do not want to get caught without one during a flood because the financial impact can be devastating. Be sure to reach out to us here at Tim Huber Insurance, serving St. Augustine, FL, to get your flood insurance policy in place as soon as possible. We will also work with you to make sure we find a policy that fits in your budget. 

The ABCs of Liability and Boat Insurance

Owning a boat can bring both a lot of joy and also a lot of responsibility in your life. If you are concerned about the amount of insurance coverage that your current policy provides, or you are thinking about buying a boat and want to learn more about the boat policies that are available, contact Tim Huber Insurance, serving the greater St. Augustine, FL area, to learn more about your options. 

The ABCs of Boat Ownership and Liability

As a boat owner, you are responsible for any damage that your boat causes, whether through an accident or another mishap and for any injuries sustained by your passengers. Many owners do not consider that their liability can extend to medical costs as well as damages brought by a party who is injured while on your boat. In fact, if someone is injured climbing onto or out of your vessel you may be held responsible even if the boat is docked. In order to protect yourself from such damages, it is important to carry adequate liability coverage. Our team of professional agents can meet with you and review your current policy and confirm if the protection is adequate for your needs. Many boat owners focus on coverage for the boat itself without considering what can happen to them if there is an injury-causing accident involving their craft.

Don’t let the joy and exhilaration of boat ownership cloud your judgment when it comes to securing adequate boat insurance coverage. The team at Tim Huber Insurance is proud to serve the St. Augustine, FL area, especially those who own boats and enjoy being out on the water! Contact us today or stop by our office to learn more about your options when it comes to boat insurance.

Does My Condo Insurance Cover Jewelry?

A condo insurance policy offers an excellent protection package. However, this insurance coverage doesn’t automatically cover everything you own. There are some limitations to your basic policies when it comes to unique and valuable items like furs, collectibles, jewelry, and fine art.

Realizing that your condo insurance doesn’t cover your valuable jewelry may leave you wondering what to do next. Can you comfortably replace your jewelry out of your pocket when it’s stolen or destroyed in a fire? Is there an insurance option that will not leave you empty handed in case the unexpected happens? The key is to understand the situations and the items your insurer covers and for how much. Here at Tim Huber Insurance, we help St. Augustine, FL residents learn how to protect their valuables through insurance.

Jewelry coverage in condo insurance

In most cases, a condo insurance policy may cover your jewelry, but not entirely. Sometimes coverages are limited by:

  • Coverage value limits
  • Exclusions or limitations on the covered situations
  • The need for different estimates before a claim is settled
  • The requirements for using jewelry replacement companies

Additionally, a jewelry claim can easily affect your entire policy status, and this is why you need to evaluate all your options. Make sure you contact your condo insurer and find out more about your jewelry coverage details. Don’t just assume that your condo insurance covers your jewelry.

Getting jewelry insurance

Since your condo insurance won’t cover your jewelry and other valuables fully, you need to get a separate insurance policy from a reliable insurer. You may also upgrade your existing condo insurance policy by buying a rider that particularly insures these types of items. This is a mini-insurance policy that can be added to your condo policy covering certain lists of items.

For more information on your jewelry coverage, be sure to contact us at Tim Huber Insurance in St. Augustine, FL.


Why do life insurance companies need me to take a medical exam?

When you purchase a life insurance policy when you are very young, or through some work programs, there is usually no requirement for the individual covered to undergo a medical exam. One of the advantages to buying a loved one a whole life insurance policy from a very young age is that they have the benefits of the policy for life, without a threat of increased premiums, and they cannot be forced to take a medical exam.

When you are older and attempting to purchase a whole life policy in St. Augustine FL,  there is usually a requirement to go through a medical exam. Even though it is relatively noninvasive and only takes about 20 minutes, it gives the insurance company important information about your health. At this point, they are evaluating your health because when you buy life insurance, you become one of their investments. 

At Tim Huber Insurance, we can help you choose your options and prepare you for your exam. They will need to get basic information like height, weight, blood pressure and medical history, and being relaxed can make a difference.

You may be able to get a term life policy, which is more expensive, without a medical exam. It doesn’t have as many benefits, and will expire as soon as the premium is no longer being paid, but it does have the basic death benefit.

Our friendly agents at Tim Huber Insurance can help explain all your options. If you are in St. Augustine FL and are interested in obtaining a life insurance policy, or just have questions about an existing one, don’t hesitate to call us today.

3 Home Improvements that Could Reduce Home Insurance Costs

Major home improvements can affect the coverage and cost of your homeowner’s insurance. Some improvements will raise your premium while others can help reduce home insurance costs. Before undertaking a remodeling project, talk to a Tim Huber Insurance agent to see how your renovations will affect your home insurance policy. Here are a few projects that could help reduce insurance costs.

New Roof

Putting a new roof on your St. Augustine, FL home will not only give you extra protection against the elements but could qualify you for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. If you have an older home, upgrading your roof will reduce the risk of damage to your structure and the interior of your home. For optimum protection, make sure your contractor uses top grade materials that will withstand the area’s hot, humid climate and the threat of hurricane winds and rains.

Plumbing and Electrical System Upgrades

Upgrading your plumbing or electrical system could make you eligible for discounts on your insurance premium. Upgrading your plumbing system reduces the risk of water damage due to old, corroded pipes. In like manner, a new electrical system could protect your home from fire due to faulty wiring. If your home is experiencing plumbing or electrical problems, an upgrade may be in order. In addition to fixing plumbing or electrical issues, upgrading these systems could qualify you for reduced rates on your home insurance costs.

New Security System

As a homeowner, the security of your home and family should be one of your greatest priorities. A new security system will offer greater protection against break-ins, vandalism, and theft. Improved security will make your home a safer place to live and help you save money on your insurance coverage.  

For more information on how to obtain quality homeowner’s insurance at affordable costs, contact Tim Huber Insurance in St. Augustine, FL.

Why Franchises Need Comprehensive Commercial Insurance

You fought hard to get your franchise license. Now it is up to you make sure that the business survives in these economic times. Competition can be intense in St. Augustine, FL.

What will protect your business when the times get tough?

One way to prove you have the acumen to remain in business is to buy Tim Huber Insurance comprehensive coverage. Do not make the mistake of relying solely on the minimum commercial insurance required by your franchising brand. Instead, get more coverage to ensure you can handle any unplanned events.

The Problem

Even if your standard St. Augustine, FL commercial insurance seems adequate you might need more. For example, an accident or lawsuit could cost so much that the parent company may see you as a liability no longer worth backing. Sure, they might allow the insurance to pay off your debts incurred in the lawsuit, accident, or other incidents; however, it is not uncommon for brands to decide to end such a partnership.

You will remain in business, just without their further support. All the hard work you did getting the franchise will have been wasted.

The Solution

To help keep your business from losing its franchise license by some unplanned calamity, always purchase comprehensive commercial insurance. Doing so is a fine way to build a solid reputation within the brand. The main office will know that you are a serious player out to protect both your interests and theirs.

Get More Information Now

Feel free to contact Tim Huber Insurance to learn about ways to save on extended commercial coverage. The helpful agents will lead you through the process. Visit the website today to request a free quote.


What You Should Know about Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are an investment, and in St. Augustine, FL you aren’t going to be driving your classic car throughout the city. Whether you need to run errands or for a daily commute, insurance can still protect your investment that you have spent a lot of time on. Policies will depend on the age of the vehicle, miles driven, and any vehicle modifications. An agent at Tim Huber Insurance can help you determine if you qualify.

In order for classic cars to qualify for insurance, they must fit into three categories. Cars that are produced before 1974 qualify for classic status and can be convertibles; foreign sports cars or 2-door sports cars and certain 4-door sedans can qualify.

  • Classic car insurance differs from regular auto insurance because the value for the car, should anything happen to it, is agreed upon between you and the insurance company. The worth of the car will be judged on appraisals and research conducted by an underwriter. Unlike traditional cars that depreciate in value, classic cars can go up in value when they are well cared for, so different coverage is required.
  • There are strict requirements for how classic cars are stored. You can’t have your classic car just parked outside your home, and it will need to be in a storage area that is designed to protect the car.
  • You can’t use your classic car as your primary vehicle. There is usually a cap on the number of miles that can be driven per year on the car so you won’t be able to use it as your primary car anyway.
  • You can add other options to classic car insurance, like no attendance required, which will provide coverage for your car while it is not in your care. If your car will be displayed at a car show, this is a good option.

Because the rules of classic cars can vary, contact an agent at Tim Huber Insurance, serving the Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL area, to find a policy for your vehicle.